Will you be consulting again once you have determined the position of the new routes? How will I know if I will be under a route in the future?

We will undertake additional public consultation on any new impacts that arise from the detailed design process that have not been covered in this consultation.  This will include changes to noise Leq contours (down to 57dBA) and SEL footprints (at 90dBA) that can only be assessed once we have detailed designs available.  Additional consultation will cover areas newly impacted by these metrics.  It is possible that low level changes at Gatwick will result in some changes to the noise contours and footprints, if this proves to be the case further public consultation in this area will be conducted.

Above 4,000ft we will undertake additional consultation only if the detailed design process identifies new impacts not already covered in this consultation,  eg it identifies that a route must be positioned outside the swathes consulted on here, or a route that must be at lower levels than being consulted on here.  We have built our swathes to cover all the likely options, and our consultation identifies all the potential impacts; therefore while it is not ruled out, we do not expect to  undertake further consultation in these areas.

This consultation asks all stakeholders within the swathe to assume that they are directly overflown by the routes in question; it says how many aircraft would be on the route, indicates how high they would be and presents information to indicate how loud they would be.  Any reconsultation on final route designs would be presenting the affected areas with exactly the same information.  Consulting twice on the same information will add no value to the process and is not cost efficient.

Our strategy to consult early on swathes rather than later on final route positions is a direct response to feedback from previous exercises.  We firmly believe that the early consultation is the best way to involve stakeholders in the design process.  The CAA has agreed to this strategy.

We recognise that stakeholders will want to know what the final route structure looks like; we will therefore keep our website up-to-date with progress as we reach key milestones such as consultation feedback, proposal submission and CAA decisions.  Should the proposal be accepted the CAA will publish the route system in the UK Aeronautical Information Publication.

We will also continue to engage with key representative bodies (such as consultative committees, planning authorities and aviation groups) as part of the Phase 2 development programme to ensure that the design process is transparent.

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