Why isn’t London City Airport changing their low altitude routes below 4,000ft as part of this change?

London City Airport is in the process of determining how to best modernise its existing routes below 4,000ft in line with FAS and the forthcoming European requirement for Performance Based Navigation (PBN)  routes (see Part A for details); their intention is to match the position of today’s flight paths as closely as possible.

The changes to routes above 4,000ft proposed here will be more effective if they feed into/from a PBN route structure below 4,000ft, however, they would still be of some benefit, and could be implemented, without any low altitude changes.

NATS and London City Airport are working together to ensure that the changes above 4,000ft and the route modernisation below 4,000ft are coordinated, however, for the time being London City Airport is progressing this work independently, and hence they are not co-sponsors of this exercise.  The intention is to draw the two strands of work together in a joint submission to the CAA in the latter part of 2014.

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