Why is the Farnborough consultation separate? Why is the Southend consultation separate?

NATS and the airports are run by separate companies, each with their own business objectives.

The London Airspace Consultation is focussed on improving the efficiency of the network of airspace routes as a whole.  This efficiency is dictated by the traffic flows to and from the major airports in the region -  Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and London City, and so we have to work particularly closely with these airports, which is why Gatwick airport and NATS are co-sponsoring this London Airspace Consultation.

Traffic numbers for Southend and Farnborough Airports are relatively small and do not have a major bearing on overall system efficiency.  Changes being proposed at Farnborough and Southend Airports are to address local airport issues rather than network issues.

The local airport objectives are also driving the timing of these smaller proposals, rather than network issues of primary interest to the London Airspace Consultation.

The London Airspace Consultation is coordinating with all the smaller regional airports; however, it is not our remit to subsume all local plans into the overall project scope.

Please see www.southendairport.com and www.tagfarnborough.com for information on the Southend and Farnborough consultations respectively.

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