Why have you made the consultation material so complicated?

Airspace is a complex subject and so to make it as accessible as possible we have presented the material in a variety of ways each with a specific purpose.  These are:

 1. The videos and leaflet available to view on our home page; these are designed to show the general areas of interest and explain the basics of what we are trying to achieve.  The objective of this information is to give you enough information to determine whether you are interested in further detail or not.

2. The postcode search maps and noise videos on the website; these are designed as a ‘quick look’ at the areas covered by the proposals.  They do not provide the whole story; they simply show where traffic is today and where it may be in the future.  This information shows areas that are potentially affected, which enables you to answer the key local question… are there any places you think require special consideration in the on-going design process?

3.  The consultation document available from our “view the full consultation  page”; this information allows you to answer all the consultation questions.  We recommend that you download the high definition/resolution versions of the consultation document, and view them on a computer for the clearest picture of the maps.

 4. Appendices to the consultation document; these provide additional information for those wishing to see further details.

This hierarchy of consultation material is designed to enable stakeholders to access the material at a variety of levels.  Furthermore, we have endeavored to make all the material as readable as possible given the technical subject matter.  Ultimately, however, airspace change is a complex subject and so some degree of complexity in the consultation material is inevitable.

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