Why aren’t you including Parish councils in your consultation?

The consultation is open to parish councils. We encourage any parish council and any other individual or group who consider themselves to be a stakeholder to respond.  In order to notify this wide stakeholder group we have also embarked on a media outreach programme that has involved more than 25 articles in local papers, TV and radio, and a further 40 online articles. We will be continuing to build awareness as the consultation progresses to ensure that as many people as possible contribute.

The changes being proposed cover a wide geographical area. We have focused on notifying all County, District and Borough councils in the area and we have asked them to bring the consultation to the attention of interested parties in their area and to add a link on their website. We have invited these Councils to briefing sessions to highlight the elements of the consultation which are most relevant to their area.  The CAA has agreed to this process of engagement.


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