Why are you consulting in a different way – on swathes rather than definitive route positions as you have done in the past?

We learn from every consultation we undertake. The vast majority of responses to our 2008 consultation came from people under the proposed flight path.  We understand that people will always prefer that aircraft fly over someone else, and unsurprisingly they all objected.  There were very few responses from people further away, so the consultation provided virtually no information of any help except that we needed to consult earlier in the design process and get people’s input before route positions are finalised.

 In this, the London Airspace Consultation, we are asking everyone in the geographic areas identified to assume that a new route may go over them and therefore to provide us with the local information they believe we should factor into designing final route positions.  It is important to remember that this whole area is already overflown today and the changes we are proposing will overall mean less noise for more people.

For more detail on how to interpret the swtahes: why are you not showing exactly where the routes will go?

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