How has air quality been taken into account in the proposal?

Due to atmopheric mixing and dispersion changes to the location of airspace routes above 1,000ft do not affect local air quality at ground level.

(Ref:  ICAO Doc 9889 Airport Air Quality Manual 1st Ed 2011. Pg 187 Note 5 )

The majority of this consultation relates to route positioning above 4,000ft and so local air quality is not considered an issue.

Part B relates to changes in the vicinity of Gatwick airport below 4,000ft. Assessment of local air quality requires assessment of specific routes; these will be determined on the basis of feedback from this consultation. Whilst it is not expected that this proposal will affect air quality in any way; this can only be confirmed once the detailed design work has been completed. During this design work we will undertake assessments required by the CAA and should there be any local air quality impact we will undertake further consultation with any areas adversely affected.

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