How do I know that you have considered my response and that of others? I want to be able to see all the responses to the consultation.

At NATS and Gatwick Airport Limited we take our responsibilities very seriously; we will consider all responses and we will ensure that relevant points are fed into the ongoing design process.

To that end we have employed an independent company (Detica) to manage and report on the consultation responses.  The consultation responses, analysis and subsequent design process will all be made visible to the CAA as part of any submission we make to them. They will only approve an airspace change if they have evidence to show that we have followed the correct processes.
Allowing open access to the consultation responses would raise data protection issues.  Our integrity, that of Detica and ultimately the independence of the CAA as the airspace regulator provides the assurance that due process will be followed.

A feedback report which will provide analysis of the issues raised and numbers of consultation responses will be published in March 2014.

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