Concentrating traffic is wrong – why don’t you spread it around?

A system designed around Performance Based Navigation (PBN) will concentrate traffic.  Concentrating traffic is in line with government guidance issued by the Department for Transport.

PBN is the cornerstone of the CAA’s Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) and will improve both the operational and environmental efficiency of the airspace as a whole.

NATS and Gatwick Airport are designing airspace in line with FAS, which means flight paths will tend to become more concentrated.  However, PBN provides the opportunity to design routes to better avoid populations/environmentally sensitive areas; therefore while flight paths will become more concentrated  - that concentration can be positioned in the area where it has least impact.  Furthermore,  PBN enables consideration of respite routes;  these would provide predictable periods where traffic will not be concentrated overhead.   Overall PBN offers improved environmental performance, hence it being a cornerstone of FAS.

This consultation is your opportunity to feedback views on our objectives, and on local details (such as places to consider avoiding) that we should take into account in the ongoing design process.

If you wish to discuss FAS or the objective of concentrating air traffic please contact the CAA or the Department for Transport.

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